xEBR News & Minutes

Latest news (update: 10/22/2016)

Our next meetings:

 Feburary 15th 2016 16-18am CET

(Phone Call + Face-to-Face meeting in Amsterdam)

 Feburary 16th 2016 (day)

(XEU Day Plenary Session in Amsterdam)

  • For Amsterdam: see info
  • For monthly confcall, see xEBR Conference Calls practical info
  • See the XBRL Latest News for additional events and infos

Ongoing work:

  • Link of xEBR Core Reference Taxonomy with other financial taxonomies, including local GAAP taxonomies in Europe
  • Work on a new XBRL version of the xEBR Taxonomy
  • Opening of the group to "non XBRL" countries (no use or low use of XBRL for financial statements and company profiles)

Meeting Minutes:

  • Last meetings:

  •  Meeting 70 - October 7th 2016 (Phone Call)

  •  Meeting 71 - November 10th 2016 (Phone Call + Face-to-Face in Singapore)
  •  Meeting 72  - Décembe 13th 2016 (Phone Call) - Minutes to come

  • Minutes of the previous meetings are available for registered members only.