XBRL Europe has set the following various dedicated Working Groups to meet its objectives:

  • Bank and Insurance Working Group – Contributes to the EBAs initiative to harmonize the COREP and FINREP frameworks, works with EIOPA on Solvency II taxonomy – Co-Chairs: Vincent Le Moal-Joubel (XBRL France), Thomas Verdin (XBRL UK).
  • ESMA ESEF Best Practice Task Force – Created in 2019 to extend Best Practices initiatives from XBRL International, applied to the ESEF (European Single Electronic Format). E BPTF Chair: Roger Haddad ; Co-chairs: David Bell, Pierre Hamon
  • Standard Business Reporting Working Group – Identifies and provides guidance on best practices regarding the implementation of SBR – Co-Chairs: Frans Hietbrink (XBRL Netherlands) & Elina Koskentalo (XBRL Finland).
  • ESMA ESEF Working Group – Educates about European Single Electronic Format for publishing the Financial statements for listed companies – Co-Chairs: Bruno Tesnière (XBRL France) & Gilles Maguet.
  • ESG Working Group – Educates about the different ESG reporting inititatives – Co-Chairs, René van der Meij (XBRL Netherlands) & Matthieu Garat (XBRL France, XBRL Europe).
  • OAM & Business Register Working Group – Share information between Officially Appointed Mechanisms in the framework of ESEF and liaise with national Business Registers for financial statements in local GAAP. Chair: Krzysztof Jesse (XBRL Germany), Co-Chair: Marco Vianello (InfoCamere Italy).

  • Business Registers Networking Group (xEBR WG) – Aims to increase coordination and interoperability for XBRL efforts and taxonomies for European business registers and company information providers – Development of the xEBR taxonomy – Currently NOT active. Last Chair: Thomas Verdin (XBRL UK, XBRL Europe).
  • IFRS, Securities and Markets Working Group – Promotes XBRL for European securities and markets, in particular for harmonising the IFRS Taxonomy Extensions considering national law requirements – Currently not active. Last Chair: Pierre Hamon (XBRL France).

Members are invited to participate to working groups. Find information on their dedicated pages or contact us.