XBRL Europe has set the following various dedicated Task Forces to meet its objectives on specific development axis or temporary topics :

  • Sustainable Development Task Force – Develops ideas and actions to bring value to existing and potential new members of the Association – Co-Chairs: Liv Watson & Thomas Verdin (XBRL UK, XBRL Europe).
  • ESEF Best Practices Task Force – Aims to extend Best Practices Initiatives -(from XBRL International, applied to the ESEF framework – Co-Chair: Roger Haddad (XBRL France, XBRL Europe)  – Coordinators: Pierre Hamon (XBRL France), David Bell.
  • ESEF Digital Hub – Provides educational and practical information about ESEF – European Single Electronic Format for Financial Statement Reporting (Listed Companies)
  • EU Adoption Task Force – Offers a forum of high level exchange of information about the use of XBRL in Europe – Chair: Gilles Maguet.

Members and programs of the Task Forces are decided by the XBRL Europe Executive Committee.