12:30pm CET – XBRL, Taxonomy Architecture Guidance Task Force (TAGTF)

  • Facilitator Ben Russell, CoreFiling, Chair XII TAGTF
  • This session is the perfect opportunity for observers to find out about the TAGTF and see the group in action in a special meeting to review our taxonomy architecture guidance backlog. We will be making sure each topic is well defined and discussing what would make them valuable. We will also be seeking new topics to add to the backlog. Where it is not clear how a taxonomy should meet its business goals – we exist to provide objective analysis and recommendations!
  • The TAGTF is a group of taxonomy experts who produce reliable and high-quality guidance to save taxonomy authors time and ensure that it is consistent with other taxonomies. If you would like to help define international best practice in XBRL taxonomies and be recognised for your expertise, then the TAGTF is a great way to get involved.