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XBRL, SDMX, ISO 20022 and interoperability of standards


XBRL Week in Frankfurt “Organized by XBRL Europe with the support of Bundesanzeiger Verlag, and Eurofiling, EBA, EIOPA, ECB was kindly hosted by the European Central Bank”.


On behalf of the Eurofiling Foundation, XBRL Europe and the joint Organisation Committee, we would like to once more express our deepest gratitude to the ECB authorities and the ECB Institution for the marvellous organisation of the Eurofiling XBRL Week sessions as well as for the prominent opening and closing speeches.
The European Central Bank was the home to more than 200 attendants from 110 organisations from no less than 29 countries. Probably all pan-European Regulatory authorities involved in Supervisory Reporting in the broad sense were present and shared their views with each other in a genuine European harmony.
Also, ECB provided at least 8 speakers who significantly increased the content of the workshops and sessions, on behalf of the audience, thanks.
The infrastructure and catering was again impeccable, as was the gentle and tireless support from each member of your staff who kept the standards of hosting high, while guiding us through all logistical and organisational aspects.
Allow us to thank the ECB on-site organisation team and their colleagues:

Eurofiling XBRL Europe 2018:
We are currently discussing the organisation of the Eurofiling XBRL Europe Week 2018 in the ECB premises again, as we briefly announced.


Seat Policy:

XBRL Europe was very glad to invite XBRL Europe Members, namely Members of supporting XBRL Jurisdictions as well as XBRL Europe Direct Members, up to 2 seats or more per Member and 1 per participant (member of local jurisdiction) as per the new XBRL Europe rules and membership benefits and bylaws (speakers and convened WG members are not accounted).”