XBRL Europe has filed the 28th of February an answer to the European Commission Public consultation on Fitness check on Supervisory reporting.

The consultation aimed to gather evidence on the cost of compliance with existing EU-level supervisory reporting requirements (in force as of the end of 2016), as well as on the consistency, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, and EU added value of those requirements. More specifically, it aimed to collect concrete quantitative evidence on, among others, any investments required to meet the supervisory reporting requirements, and to gather specific examples of inconsistent, redundant or duplicative supervisory reporting requirements (e.g. reporting the same information under different frameworks or to different supervisory and/or regulatory entities).

With an eye to the future, the consultation sought feedback on ways in which supervisory reporting could be simplified and streamlined.

XBRL Europe with a specific Task Force wrote and filed an answer to this consultation which could be seen in following this LINK.

We thank all who contributed to this effort and more specifically the members of the adhoc Task force

  • Antoine Bourdais – Invoke – Premium member
  • Laurent Rousseau – Julhiet Sterwen – Premium member
  • Hans Verkruijsse – XBRL Netherlands
  • Martin Deville – UB partner
  • Emilce Otero – Reporting Estándard
  • Prakash Ramachandaran – Datatracks
  • John Turner – XBRL International
  • Thomas Verdin – TESH Advice
  • Gilles Maguet – XBRL Europe