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Webinars on ESEF

XBRL Europe ESEF Hub provides webinars, free of charge for the attendees, as a key open source of knowledge for all stakeholders involved in the preparation and consumption of the new data that ESEF will generate.


New on the Agenda


Find a first video tutorial published by ESMA (19.11.2018).

Stay tuned for more video tutorials and webinars about ESEF coming soon.


Additional life events and active discussions on ESEF can also be found on XBRL Europe general website and in the ESEF group of fizReg, online hub about Financial and Business Regulations (login required, free access by « creating an account »).

Knowledge Center


Please find hereunder webinars related to ESEF/iXBRL:

Under preparation:

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The list will soon be completed, with more ESMA tutorials under preparation and webinars planned by XBRL Europe and it’s members.