WEBINAR PROGRAM – ESEF: Block tagging and the way forwards –

Webinar moderated by Elina Koskentalo XBRL Finland, Romane Maguet XBRL France / BM&A, Jon Rowden XBRL Europe / PwC

  • 14:00 – Welcome by Bruno Tesnière, Chair XBRL Europe and Gilles Maguet, CEO XBRL Europe.


  • 14:05 – Block tagging and manual updates – Introduction by Elina Koskentalo, Chair of XBRL Finland and Vice Chair of XBRL Europe ; Speaker: Eduardo-Javio Moral Prieto, Policy officer, ESMA.
    • Questions and answers – Part One Part Two  Part Three




  • 15:40 – Panel moderated by Thomas Klement, XBRL Germany, ABZ Reporting – Part One Part Two Part Three


  • Richard Bössen (XBRL Europe, Amana)

  • Ilka Canitz (XBRL Germany, ASCG Accounting Standards Committee of Germany)

  • Marc Houllier (XBRL France, Corporatings)

  • Thomas Verdin (XBRL Europe, BM&A)


  • 16:00 – Conclusion by Gilles Maguet, CEO XBRL Europe